Under Pressure ’11

“Published twice a year, Under Pressure Magazine is really more of a collectible publication than a typical magazine. Featuring articles on hip-hop, hardcore, skating, boxing, art, photography, and whatever else catches our eye at the time, Under Pressure is an all-around youth culture magazine. And don’t forget about all the pages of graffiti flix – we started as a pure graf mag and we’ll never abandon the foundation we built on.

But what really sets us apart from all the other magazines is our coverage of Canadian artists, and it’s also what accounts for our success at home and abroad. There are enough magazines covering American content – we are one of the few publications that has the courage to stand behind Canadian talent and put it in the forefront. That’s not to say that we don’t give props (and pages) to American and international artists, but shining the spotlight on deserving Canadians will always be an Under Pressure mandate.”

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