T h e S u p e r f l u o u s C u l t u r e


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Eighty percent of our product is manufactured less than ten kilometers from the Superfluous Atelier. The remaining twenty percent, our button-ups and jackets, are assembled in a small village east of Québec City. Proximity to our manufacturing facilities not only insures superior production management, but also reduces our carbon footprint. From seed to yarn, our organic goods are sourced in fair trade environments. One hundred percent of our eco-friendly textiles are knitted and dyed in Ontario. The remainder, mostly denims and wools, come from world-renowned manufacturers that embody sustainability values similar to our own.

Our doors are open from Wednesday to Sunday for anyone who would like to feel, smell, or simply try on whatever we are currently working on. And if you already own everything, feel free to stop in anyway for good conversation …

The necessity for clothing is a cultural constant. The Superfluous Culture invites our customers to share in a higher consciousness by focusing on true essentials: comfort, smart and functional design along with ethical manufacturing and distribution. This credo separates us from a marketplace saturated with products produced by undervalued and underpaid workers in third world countries; hence, our commitment to eco-friendly sourcing and fair trade labour. Every detail from inception to delivery is carefully calculated to appeal to well-informed businesses that share our concerns for the future of our industry, its intellectual legacy and the health of our planet.

Our Blog

Under Pressure ’11

“Published twice a year, Under Pressure Magazine is really more of a collectible publication than a typical magazine. Featuring articles on hip-hop, hardcore, skating, boxing, art, photography, and whatever else catches our eye at the time, Under Pressure is an all-around youth culture magazine. And don’t forget about all the pages of graffiti flix – we started as a pure graf mag and we’ll never abandon the foundation we built on.

But what really sets us apart from all the other magazines is our coverage of Canadian artists, and it’s also what accounts for our success at home and abroad. There are enough magazines covering American content – we are one of the few publications that has the courage to stand behind Canadian talent and put it in the forefront. That’s not to say that we don’t give props (and pages) to American and international artists, but shining the spotlight on deserving Canadians will always be an Under Pressure mandate.”

It’s just ART

The Superfluous blog was made to showcase the international community of artists and their creations world wide. The global village that hosts the widest influences and artistic creators has been made increasingly close-knit through the influx of technology, and this blog explores the artists and their various pieces that Superfluous has drawn inspiration. From film clips to graffiti, to graphic design to literary quotes, this blog is an exhibition of artistic intent and its beautiful creations.

Fall Collection ’11

After having such great feedback from our April launch, we have collaborated all summer to bring you a Fall collection, which will be readily available this October. The collection will include our trademark men’s shirts and will also be offering an assortment of entirely new pieces. Such pieces will include our Superfluous tuque and crew neck.

The Movement

Superfluous is an artistically enlightened brand that reveals the redundancy of modern society, creating the dissection of what is excessively unnecessary in our environment. A collaboration of a calligraphic artist and a photographic eye, we strive to paint the perfect picture. A brand that thrives on honesty and pushes elegance of change through products crafted to perfection. Never redundant, and always riding the wave of the future; aiming to make your clothing feel like it is spiritually in tune and fashionably forward.

“The Superfluous…a very necessary thing.” -Voltaire 1694-1778